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Season One

Episode One 

England's Strongest Man

First up on the Podcast is Big Phil Roberts. Unfortunately We didn't capture all of the video of the Podcast but within the video you will see the accident and the injury that was the turning point in Phil's life.

Episode Two

BBC Producer and Director

Next up is a person who has worked for the BBC for over 22 years.He has met some incredible people and he has even shook the hand of someone who has shaken Elvis' hand! The highlights of the zoom interview are here.

Episode Three

General Director - Christians in Sport

Episode three is an interview with a legend in the world of sport. He is the General Director from Chirstians in Sports and on the Board at Cambridge Utd FC. He has met some incredible people and within the podcast shares some powerful stories and the Gospel impacted his life. The full podcast including highlights are on this YouTube link.

Formula One Journalist 

Episode Four

Episode Four is an interview with a journalist who has been working in Formula One for over 6 years. Dom had the opportunity to experience the high life firsthand. He shares remarkable anecdotes of sailing on Hugo Boss yachts in Cowes and even racing against legendary driver Michael Schumacher, achieving an unexpected victory. However, what sets Dom's story apart is his unwavering commitment to his Christian faith amidst the temptations and excesses that surrounded him.



Manchester City FC Chaplin

Episode Five

Episode Five is an interview with Man City's Chaplin.Throughout his time at Manchester City, Pete has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of individuals. His role as a Chaplain has provided him with countless opportunities to support players, staff, and fans in their personal and spiritual journeys. In this episode, Pete offers insights into the challenges and triumphs he has experienced while walking alongside the footballing community, highlighting the profound impact of faith in their lives.

Episode Six

EYE Can Write

Episode Six is an interview like no other just logistically it wasn't easy but is was incredibly worth it. Jonathan was incredible with me. We send quite a few emails backwards and forwards and Jonathan's eloquence in his answers to me blew me away. I couldn't get any footage of Jonathan recording the podcast but I have added an interview he did on 'This Morning' as it shows how he communicated and it ends with some photos of him with his friend who did the VoiceOver.

Episode Seven

International Ultimate Frisbee Player

In Episode 7, we are honored to introduce you to Rosie Woodbridge, an international Ultimate Frisbee player whose journey has taken her to the world's most prestigious competitions, representing Great Britain on the global stage. Rosie's story, however, transcends the victories and accolades. It's a profound narrative of how faith, the unwavering love of Jesus Christ, and the gospel have been her guiding lights through the darkest of times.


During her remarkable sporting career, Rosie faced challenges that extended beyond the frisbee field. She courageously confronted an eating disorder and battled with her mental health. Through it all, she clung to the gospel, drawing strength from her deep-rooted faith.


Get ready to be inspired, uplifted, and reminded of the profound impact that the gospel can have in our lives, no matter the hurdles we face. Rosie's story is a testament to the transformative power of faith, and we can't wait for you to hear it.

Episode Eight

World Record Holder of Everest Decent

WOW ! What a story from the moment I read his book I simply had to get Brian on the Podcast as it was so amazing. Brian was great to interview as he was very calm and gave some great answers and his experience of Everest is both breath taking and shows how even when you are as physically strong and capable as Brian you still at some point have to surrender to the Lord as he is there for you when you have nothing left to give. What ever the circumstance.


I am sure you will all love this Podcast and please leave a comment of feedback on the website.

Episode Nine

BBC Icon and National Treasure

It's not often you get to interview a BBC icon a legend one of the longest standing presenter left on the BBC. Pam was an absolute pleasure to interview and had some very interesting stories and she was there on some very pivotal moments in UK history. Please don't forget to leave me feedback as this will help the podcast improve.

Episode Ten

Greatest Christain Singer-Song Writer of our Generation

In this podcast interview with the remarkably humble Matt Redman, delve into the heart and soul of a renowned contemporary Christian worship leader. Despite his global influence and musical prowess, Matt's humility shines through as he shares insights into his journey, inspirations, and the spiritual underpinnings of his music. Gain a unique perspective on faith, creativity, and the transformative power of worship from a man whose humility amplifies the sincerity of his musical ministry. Tune in for a conversation that unveils not just the artist, but the humble soul behind the worship anthems that have touched millions around the world.

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