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Gospel Impacts


Big Phil England's Strongest Man

S1 EP 1 - Phil Roberts (BIG Phil)

It was an absolute pleasure to interview Phil. I was amazed by what he had been able to achieve with a derelict fire station to turn it round into the largest and fastest growing Gym in Sheffield. He would tell you it is all God's work and you can see why as it defiantly shouts of a miracle. Plus the atmosphere is fantastic even the cleaner feels the Lord's presence in the gym that is probably why in 4 months they have over 1200 members.

S1 EP 2 - Dave Waters

Dave Waters BBC Producer

I had a wonderful time interviewing my dear friend Dave Waters, who humbly expressed how privileged he feels to have worked at the BBC. It becomes evident why as he shares the incredible people he has encountered and the captivating stories he has had the honor to retell. In fact, I suspect there may be a sequel to this podcast, as he recollects the countless tales that couldn't make it into our conversation. It's a testament to the richness of his experiences and the profound impact they have had on him.

Dom Taylor Formula One Journalist

S1 EP 3 - Dom Taylor

It was an absolute delight reconnecting with Dom Taylor on Gospel Impacts. Dom's humility and patience truly shone through as we delved into his thrilling and adrenaline-fueled career. Hearing about the intriguing behind-the-scenes escapades during his time as a Formula One journalist was nothing short of captivating. The people he encountered and the places he traveled to were truly remarkable.


However, one particular story stood out—the Redbull Launch party. It was a pivotal moment when Dom realised he was becoming entangled in the allure of glitz and glamour. Thankfully, speaking with his wife brought him back to his true priorities, reaffirming his devotion to the Lord. This powerful reminder of perspective and faith resonated deeply.


Dom's journey serves as an inspiration to all, demonstrating the importance of remaining grounded and focused on what truly matters amidst the whirlwind of success and temptation.

S1 EP 4 - Graham Daniels

graham daniels - Head of Christians in Sport

It was an absolute pleasure to interview Graham. He is such a genuine nice guy with an incredible passion for the Lord and the Gospel. He is also a great lover of football and played it to a high level. Prior to the interview we spoke about Graham's great friend Darren Moore because of my love for Sheffield Wednesday. He mentions Darren in the Podcast and it turns out he is a great guy away for the cameras also. I could have spoken to Graham for hours as he has some incredible stories but we were limited to 45 minutes. Maybe we need to do a part two one day!

Man City FC Chaplin

S1 EP 5 - Pete Horlock

Had a great conversation with Pete before the podcast. He outlined some fascinating discussions he had, had with players and staff, including one chat that came about just by chance when he spoke to a player who was  reading Christopher Hitchens (a well known atheist) book . It led to some thought-provoking debates where Pete shared the Gospel. As we discussed afterward, we never know where the seed falls; we simply model the Gospel through our words and actions, leaving the rest to God. The podcast shed light on the challenges faced by a Club Chaplain, and I hope Pete becomes a stronger presence in the club—a true ambassador for the Lord.

S1 EP 6 - Jonathan Bryan

This podcast was very different to record but I am so glad we were able to set this one up.  where we uncover extraordinary stories that touch the heart and soul. In our sixth episode, we are privileged to introduce you to Jonathan Bryan, a truly special person whose only way of communication is through his eyes.

Join us in this transformative episode as we delve into Jonathan Bryan's incredible life story, his unwavering faith, and the impact of the gospel in shaping his perspective. Prepare to be moved and uplifted by the indomitable spirit of this living inspiration.

Tune in to Gospel Impacts and witness the transformative power of faith and love through the incredible journey of Jonathan Bryan. Don't miss this chance to be inspired!

Image of Jonathan Bryan with Princes WIlliam and Harry
rosiewood bridge Ultimatte Frisbee Player

S1 EP 7 - Rosie Woodbridge

Meeting Rosie for the podcast was a delightful surprise. We hadn't crossed paths before, but her warm smile and kind nature instantly made it feel like a friendly chat. I owe the introduction to Graham Daniels, who mentioned Rosie's work—blogging for Christians in Sport and various collaborations. What caught my attention was Rosie's unique sporting journey; she excels in a sport that many of us haven't even tried.

Despite the tough subject matter, diving into the intricate interplay of faith and eating disorders was eye-opening. Rosie's perspective was both honest and powerful. One particular moment at the end of our podcast really stuck with me. She shared how Jesus, disfigured on the cross, understood the depths of body shame. Yet, through His selfless act, He offers us the chance to be seen as beautiful and unblemished in the eyes of God. It left me truly inspired.

S1 EP 8 - Brian Dickinson

In a rare and extraordinary interview, I had the privilege of speaking with Brian Dickinson, a man who not only conquered the formidable heights of Mount Everest but also set a world record by descending from the summit blind. It's a feat that goes beyond the realms of ordinary human accomplishment, making Brian Dickinson a truly inspirational figure. As we delved into his remarkable journey, I couldn't help but marvel at the resilience and courage he exhibited in the face of such daunting challenges. Brian's relaxed demeanor during the interview created an atmosphere that made it easy for me to extract elements of his story that I knew would resonate deeply with our listeners.


What struck me most about Brian was not just his physical prowess but the profound spiritual insight he shared. His trust in the Lord, especially during the darkest moments on Everest, highlighted a perspective on life that transcends our own abilities. The conversation became a profound exploration of faith, trust, and the power of perseverance. As I reflect on my own life and achievements, Brian's story serves as a poignant reminder that true greatness often lies not in the absence of obstacles but in the unwavering trust placed in something greater than ourselves. Every moment of the interview was a valuable lesson, and Brian's journey left an indelible mark on my understanding of resilience and faith.

05 cream coat edit (Small).jpg
S1 EP 9 - Pam Rhodes 

It's not every day you get to interview a BBC Icon and National Treasure but although she has huge status it was great fun to interview her.  Pam's genuine nature, coupled with her professional approach, made it an absolute pleasure to have her on the show.


Even when she had to take a phone call in the middle of the interview, Pam effortless clicked straight back in to the sorry she was telling which make made my video editing seamless. At Gospel Impacts we take pride in ensuring our guests are comfortable and at ease, allowing us to create a podcast episode that resonates with our audience. Listen in to hear Pam’s story and many others that can help you derive inspiration and motivation.

S1 EP 10 - Matt Redman

It was truly an extraordinary privilege to interview Matt Redman, widely regarded as the greatest Christian singer-songwriter of our generation. His journey from a life-changing conversion at a Louis Palau Mission in the iconic QPR stadium at the tender age of ten to gracing the stages of Madison Square Garden and Times Square in front of 60,000 people is nothing short of remarkable. What sets Matt apart is not just his incredible musical talent, but also his profound humility. Despite achieving immense success and reaching global acclaim, he remains grounded and focused on the core message of his faith.


When you look at this photo and you know what he has been apart of and what he has seen in his life time you would be right to be intimidated before the interview for the podcast but David was a lovely man and incredibly funny. I loved the interview and it gave me great insight into the troubles in Northern Ireland that I had never really understood before I read David's book - A Cause Worth Living For (Link to purchase). 

A fascinating life and interview and it reminded me those we think are lost and no matter how far away from the Lord, He will find them.


S1 EP 11 - David Hamilton

S1 EP12 - Richard Holmes

This interview was an absolute privilege to do. I have know Richard for over 30 years and he has always been someone in business I have looked up and wanted to emulate his style of management, as it really got the best out of people. Richard's diagnosis of MND came as a shock to me and to many others as he was a massively keen sports person doing over 16 hours of exercise a week. But the way he has embraced this new chapter in his life and his now deep relationship with the Lord has been incredible and you will hear and see this in the Podcast. I wanted to make this a special podcast so I asked a couple of friends to record it professionally along with a HD video and they did an excellent job.


Tammie was an absolute pleasure to interview. Her book nerves of steel truly encapsulates her fighting spirit through adversity. God was always preparing her for the next challenge and it culminated in one of aviations never seen before circle landings. Tammie takes us though the intricate detail of controlling a plane when the engine blows up. Her faith keeps her calm in an extraordinary situation. It is a fascinating story.

S1 Ep 13 - Captain Tammie J Shults

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